The North Mountain Branch QDMA
Formed March 21, 2003.

"Where hunters are rethinking what constitutes a
"quality" hunt and how they can make a positive contribution
to the future of the deer herds they hunt."

What is Quality Deer Management?
Quality Deer Management (QDM) is a management philosophy/practice that unites landowners, hunters, and managers in a common goal of producing biologically and socially balanced deer herds within existing environmental, social, and legal constraints. This approach typically involves the protection of young bucks (yearlings and some 2.5 year-olds) combined with an adequate harvest of female deer to maintain a healthy population in balance with existing habitat conditions and landowner desires. This level of deer management involves the production of quality deer (bucks, does, and fawns), quality habitat, quality hunting experiences, and, most importantly, quality hunters.
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